What does a professional organizer charge per hour?

Organizing the garage can include setting up better storage, organizing tools and toys, and making room for cars to protect them from the elements, plus anything else you might need. An organizer specializing in hoarding will know how to be more sensitive to the needs and abilities of these people and take things slow. There are no official licensing requirements for someone who wants to call themselves a professional organizer. Some may receive training in specialized areas such as feng shui or hoarding, while others may even receive training in moving organizations.

The amount you pay will depend on the size of the project, how much time the organizer spends helping you organize the mess, who you hire to do the work, and whether additional services are needed beyond the basic organization. If you just need help making your spice rack easier, you probably won't need a consultation before hiring an hourly personal organizer. An experienced, trained, or certified home organizer would naturally charge a higher fee based on these factors. You can call a personal organizer if you are going to liquidate the estate of someone who has died and you just don't know what to do with all your things.

Consider how much extra time it can take you to organize on your own rather than the help of a professional as you start planning your project. A professional home organizer helps people organize their space so they can live in a tidier, stress-free environment. If you're eliminating a lot of clutter, you may also need to pay for a service to take away unwanted items once you're done organizing. If you are looking to start a professional organizing business, or if you have already started one and are not sure what the next steps are, this publication details the National Association of Productivity Professionals and the NAPO Organization.

It is unlikely that you will charge your first customer the same rates that you would charge a customer after having worked for many years in the organization's business. In fact, due to antitrust laws that prohibit any company from acting to set prices, organizers cannot coordinate to maintain a certain price level in their area. When you're ready to start your own professional organizing business, check out all of my courses on working as an organizer at home. Analyze if cleaning is included in a project before it starts, or if experts will work with a cleaning team as they organize your space.

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