Do professional organizers clean?

Professional organizers are not household cleaners. Although they can offer practical organization, their job is to organize the clutter, not clean your home. Professional organizers will work with you to decide what you want to keep and identify where unwanted items will go. In many cases, they will facilitate the disposal, donation or sale of belongings that a customer wants to part with.

They also work with customers to determine what the functions of their spaces should be and to configure those spaces so that they can be easily maintained. If you're motivated but overwhelmed, hiring a professional organizer can be very helpful. A professional organizer should act as a coach to help you get on track. When analyzing costs, it's also important to clarify what a professional organizer does and what they don't.

A professional organizer is someone who helps you deal with your physical things. They're the people you call when you need help tidying up and tidying up your things, developing organization strategies, and enacting a plan to keep your home or other space in the shape of a ship. There's also no need to worry about a professional organizer grabbing her pearls when discovering your sex toys, porn collection, or that stash of weed; they've seen it all. If that sounds like you, and you're ready to break the cycle of resolution and failure to get your life in order this year, it might be time to hire an expert as if you hired a coach or nutritionist to help you with your fitness or wellness goals and hire a professional organizer.

Projects that are often offered at a flat rate include unpacking and organizing your things before moving to a new space, organizing a pantry or closet, and more specific tasks, such as organizing souvenirs. Also, if a professional organizer has reorganized your belongings without you there, you won't know where anything is. Consider hiring a professional organizer to start living a more efficient and orderly life. At the end of the day, a professional organizer's goal is to design an organization system that fits your lifestyle and helps make your living space as peaceful and efficient as possible.

It may go without saying, but one of the biggest cost factors when hiring a professional organizer is their experience. Many of its members become CPOs (certified professional organizers), which requires 1,500 hours of documented professional experience or related education. Being a NAPO member holds me responsible for a code of ethics, offers me a wide range of educational and networking opportunities with organizers from all over the world and differentiates me as a professional for my clients. As with the small closet example above, the more you customize your space, the more time an organizer spends coordinating with other professionals and getting ready for work.

While not all organizers are looking for professional certifications or credentials, many take courses to keep up with industry standards. While not all professional organizers offer flat per-project rates, many have pricing packages for simpler projects. No matter the project, with the right professional organizer you can also have a space that makes Marie Kondo proud and will also provide a more relaxing environment to spend time. To speed things up even further, see the 26 things professional organizers would throw away at home.

A professional organizer must also be very good at solving puzzles, especially three-dimensional ones.

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