What does a certified professional organizer do?

A certified professional organizer (CPO) is hired to organize cluttered living spaces or work environments. Creating a comfortable and easy lifestyle for a client is very satisfying. Helping them maintain it in the long term is very valuable. Certified Professional Organizers adhere to a set of standards agreed by the BCPO (yes, it stands for Board of Certification for Professional Organizers).

To earn your CPO designation, you'll need to follow a rigorous education course, record a bunch of client hours, and then pass the CPO exam. The goal? Set yourself apart from the competition with your credentials. Many new organizers don't think they're worthy of paying standard organization fees, which is a very inappropriate name. However, the field of professional organization has grown to include every room in your home and business.

Before taking the test, a CPO candidate must be prepared to verify their employment as a professional organizer prior to the test date. By recognizing the experienced organizer, BCPO seeks to inspire organizers to provide superior customer services and continue to develop expertise in transferring higher-level organizational skills. People interested in finding a professional NAPO organizer can search for members in the association's online directory. Investing in a professional organizer can be a way of commitment for anyone who spends a lot of time thinking about doing things without actually doing them.

In other words, these professionals not only introduce themselves and organize a house, but they teach their paths through practical approaches so that their clients can continue with the work in the future. The rate you charge depends on where you live (rural, urban, suburban), the type of organization you are doing and the time you have been organizing. A professional organizer during any type of moving process can be a great resource because they can help a person determine which possessions should be moved to the new location. When you build your business of professional organizers, you need a way to differentiate yourself from the competition and drive sales consistently (focusing on your results is non-negotiable if you want to stay in business).

Homeowners who are hesitant about the cost of hiring someone to help with the clutter might be surprised to learn that professional organizers can be quite affordable. Those who really want to hire a professional organizer will usually find a way to pay for it, even if they have to make a serious budget to fit it. Once everything is moved to the new location, professional organizers can help pack and unpack the boxes in a logical and useful way that minimizes damage and inconvenience to daily activities. Any professional organizer will quickly clarify that it is not a cleaning or decorating service.

Professional organizers may work with a variety of clients or specialize in certain populations (such as children), situations (such as hoarding), or materials (such as paperwork).

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