What do professional organizers charge per hour?

Organizing the garage can include setting up better storage, organizing tools and toys, and making room for cars to protect them from the elements. While the job description is in the name, professional organizers can do a lot more than tidy up strange drawers, cabinets, and cabinets, or beautify your space. Whole house organization also includes tips and information on how to improve the function and management of your home and how to keep it organized in the future. When analyzing costs, it's also important to clarify what a professional organizer does and what they don't.

If you find clutter to be a particularly stressful endeavor, then it's worth investing in a professional organizer. This is a 3-hour session with an organizer that includes organizing cabinets, cleaning and organizing the pantry, and organizing and organizing the refrigerator to improve function and daily use. No matter the project, with the right professional organizer you can also have a space that makes Marie Kondo proud and will also provide a more relaxing environment to spend time. Anything that improves your digital organization can be included in this service, which can be done as part of a larger organizational project or independent work.

A closet organizer helps to sort and organize clothes, shoes, and other accessories or items in the closet. I recommend that once you commit to your professional organizing business, you invest in and use an accounting tool such as Fresh or Quickbooks. I think this is fine for your first year in business, but to stay strong, you need to move to a more detailed way of calculating your fees as a professional organizer after your first year of operation. Most organizing companies are very small companies, usually just the owner and perhaps a small team of organizing assistants.

Large companies that offer organizers offer more availability or a wider range of organizational solutions and specialized services. As with the small closet example above, the more you customize your space, the more time an organizer spends coordinating with other professionals and getting ready for work.

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